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Workshops at selected Regional and National Competitions are offered for the ultimate learning experience. Students take class from instructors from all over the world giving them the opportunity to be exposed to different teaching styles and techniques.


Encore is geared to help every dancer reach their full potential. Every member is encouraged to help their fellow dancers, always give their best and be respectful to other teams and their teachers. Encore teachers and students together believe the essential ingredients for success are teamwork and a strong desire to work hard to achieve goals. We also believe our success is not measured by a trophy but feel the ultimate reward is in knowing we gave every opportunity our best effort.


Curtain Call


*Ovation is the level for the most serious and dedicated students. Ovation/ Elite students view their dance education as a priority and have ambitions to excel in dance even after High School.

Solos/ Duets/Trios & Small Groups
In order to be considered for a small group, solo, duet or trio, dancers must be enrolled in at least two ballet technique class hours for the upcoming season as of tryout day. Dancers must attend 90% of all classes or solo, duet, trio will be forfeited per competition. 

All Encore instructors work very hard to constantly educate ourselves so we can consistently provide new challenges for our students. Teachers at Encore work together to provide a universal Encore syllabus that focuses on specific techniques vital to the advancement of our competitive company.

In most cases, our teachers strongly feel that dance training from outside studios is counterproductive to a student"s progress, which can affect our team as a whole. Currently, we have a wonderful momentum in the progress of our competitive company. Encore instructors hope to continue our progress which will require both the student's AND parent's dedication to our company, teachers and standards which are unique to ENCORE.

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