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Crissy Jo has 12 years of professional cheer coaching experience. Born and raised in middle Georgia, Crissy served as Varsity Football / Competition cheerleader all 4 years in high school. Immediately following high school graduation, Crissy was selected to join the elite summer staff of top coaches in the nation with the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders (FCC). Crissy followed a long-standing family tradition of attending the University of Alabama, which brought her to the land of her forefathers, the great state of Alabama, affectionately referred to within her family as “The Promised Land.” Crissy Jo's background with FCC set the stage for her cheer coaching career. She was mentored by some of the best cheer coaches in the industry. Crissy’s affiliation with FCC provided the perfect opportunity to share the two most vital passions in her life……her love for Jesus and Cheerleading! During her time with FCC, Crissy was blessed with the opportunity to invest in the lives of young future leaders through the sport of cheerleading.


During her 8 years with FCC, Crissy traveled all over the United States. She initially served as a “staffer” for FCC where her leadership skills were quickly recognized and rewarded. During her second summer season, she was entrusted with the position of Cheer Camp Director, responsible for all phases, concept planning, staffing, travel, choreography, curriculum, activities, through performance time! She also served as keynote speaker and leader during coaches conferences that were designed to build cheer programs and assist in developing standards of excellence. In 2009 and 2010 she was awarded 'FCC Staffer of the Year' and in 2016 was honored with the 'Most Influential Staffers Over The Past 30 Years Award' by an FCC national selection committee.

Crissy Jo moved to Birmingham in 2013 to begin her corporate career in Information Technology, believing her cheer career was behind her. She served as the Sales and Business Development Rep for North America for a worldwide high-end, advanced software and technology company.


Her deep-rooted love and passion for cheerleading continued to tug at her heartstrings. Her desire to invest in the lives of young cheerleaders still called her to ministry in that field. While maintaining her fast-paced daily career schedule, she coached tumbling and cheer part-time in the evenings. As a part-time private cheerleading coach, her clientele quickly and hugely grew via referral base alone. Fast forward 5 years to the present day. Crissy answered the call on her life to coach cheerleading and tumbling full time. Crissy Jo’s mission is to provide all of her athletes with a positive and Christ centered environment. Crissy Jo’s profession is to elevate the skills, technique, precision, and performance abilities of the athletes entrusted to her. She is best known and referred by her high standards and expectations of excellence.


Crissy Jo’s coaching style focuses on encouragement, positive reinforcement, strength-building, technique, flexibility, and courage needed to achieve and surprisingly exceed the goals of her clients. Crissy Jo has a unique ability to incorporate the physical science of motion to break down every tumbling skill into sections with various ‘drills’ to help the athlete grasp proper technique and instill proper muscle memory.

Crissy Jo is a die hard Alabama fan and can't wait to work with your children.

Class Resources & Policies


General Class Rules:

  • Please wear a t-shirt or tank top to class.

  • Please wear boy-shorts or bloomers under shorts without lining.

  • Hair must be worn up and secure.

  • No Jewelry with the exception of stud earrings.

  • No food, gum or candy while class is in session. Spill proof water bottles permitted.

  • A bathroom visit before class begins is encouraged.

  • All mobile phones are to be set on silent or vibrate.

  • After class – please come into the building to pick up your child. Coaches will not be able to supervise your child before or after class with classes going back to back.

  • Cheer shoes are required in cheer tumbling classes (older shoes with slick worn out bottoms are dangerous and should not be worn).

  • Arriving on time is crucial to ensure proper warmup to reduce risk of injury. As a safety procedure, children arriving after warm-up (10 – 15 minutes late) may be asked to observe class and not participate.

  • Please refrain from coaching, talking to, or getting your child’s attention in any way during class. Interrupting classes could cause safety problems. If you need your child, please contact the person at the front desk and he/she will assist you.

  • Any concerns, please email crissy jo and gina and

  • Please go over ‘What to Expect’ and ‘Additional Safety Rules for Tumbling Classes’ below with your athlete.


What to Expect:

Expect lots of encouragement and positivity from your instructor ;)


Expect Weekly / Class Conditioning to build muscle, strength, and flexibility to avoid injury. You cannot expect results without conditioning and dedication to it.


Expect your instructor to encourage a healthy diet / conditioning outside of class. You will be given ‘conditioning’ homework and ‘skills specific’ homework after most every class.


Expect to learn in the format of ‘Perfection before Progression’ – with focus on excellence in technique through use of various ‘drills’ and breaking down difficult skills into ‘sections’ – good muscle memory is your friend ;)

Understand that tumbling is NOT easy and takes time. Do not rush yourself and don’t compare yourself to your friends. You are at your OWN pace and everyone is different. Trust your coach, put in the work required and you WILL achieve your goals.


The word ‘can’t’ or any self defeating talk is not allowed in my classes (unless you like lots of burpees as discipline (lol). In tumbling you will have good days and bad days, but at no time will saying you ‘can’t’ do something will it help you…ever! INSTEAD we say ‘I didn’t get it this time but I will work at it until one day I WILL get it’. That’s the mindset I expect from my athletes during class.

Remember, Tumbling can be a love/hate relationship. When we're achieving new skills, we're on top of the world. But during that learning process, there are moments we just want to give up. It helps to realize tumbling isn't what normal people do--the fact you're spending much of your day upside down makes you extraordinary! 

Parents are encouraged to ask your child THESE questions at the end of each class ‘What thing(s) are you proud of that you accomplished in class today? Or ‘what did you learn in class today?’. Instead of ‘how did class go?’or ‘Did you get your XYZ today? (insert backhandspring/tuck, backwalkover, or whatever it may be). Through my experience, I have found that when we ALL flip our perspective, each athlete walks away from EVERY class feeling accomplished. Allowing us all to enjoy the whole journey to the big skills / goals. It also goes back to the mindset I want instilled in all of my athletes.


So lets all stay positive, work together and crush some goals this year!


Additional Safety Rules for Tumbling Classes:

The instructor will set up multiple ‘stations’ during class that work on different aspects toward specific skills. Please encourage your child to listen carefully during class when ‘stations’ are being explained and to perform it AS demonstrated.

In addition, Crissy Jo will be ‘spotting another athlete’ close by but with limited attention span during spotting, she cannot have her eye on every ‘station’ every second of class. With that, encourage your child to listen and behave according as instructed.

Encourage your athlete to respect their fellow classmates by providing encouragement to one another during class, listening and by not providing distractions. We can still have fun, make friends, and be focused during class.

No Horseplay Allowed!

During times where everyone needs to line up a) Don’t fight or argue about a spot in line (everyone will get their turn ☺ ) b) don’t make crissy jo say to line up more than once…time is limited.

Please Walk AROUND the tumbling mat during running tumbling NOT Across! I don’t want any collisions.

No Athlete is allowed to ‘spot’ another athlete during class. Only the instructor can ‘spot’.

Each athlete should be productive every minute of class. Anyone caught standing around at a ‘station’ with multiple warnings will result in discipline or conversation with parent.

If any athlete is confused at any time, they are encouraged to raise their hand during the ‘station’ explanation process or at any time.

If an athlete needs a ‘spot’ on any ‘stations’ or at any point then they must communicate that to the instructor so she can accommodate / make adjustments.

If at any point you want to move to another class (for whatever reason) please Contact Gina/Crissy Jo.

Private Lessons are available. Email Crissy Jo.



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