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KIM Niblett


Miss Kim is a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her focus and in-depth studies on cognitive learning combined with 40 years of teaching experience gives her the background to motivate her students to reach their fullest potential and outline clear paths toward excellence. She structures her classes to develop the students’ love for dance first. Then, she encourages her students to set goals and presents them with strategies and building tools for growth to reach those personal goals. 


Miss Kim’s choreography has been featured at NFL pregame, the Cotton Bowl, as well as high school field shows and competitions across the nation. She has won many regional and national awards for her choreography and teaching with Encore Performance Company, and is proud to hold national overall awards in creative concepts, precision, choreography, emotional execution and costuming. 


She is also honored to be the recipient of Teacher’s Choice Awards at the Regional and National level. Miss Kim is a mom of two Encore Performance Company alumni and has encouraged them both as they obtain collegiate degrees in dance. 


She hopes that each and every student learn a strong work ethic as well as the determination to continually strive for excellence.

Class Resources & Policies

Class Resources

Monthly Focus: Each month I will focus on a specific quality I feel necessary to build on the dancer’s foundation. We will have a dress-up day at the end of the month reflecting a theme. Do not panic if you arrive in the parking lot and see everyone in a crown or a super hero cape. I will always be prepared with extra accessories!

Parent Observation: You will be notified a couple of weeks in advance about parent observation day. You will be invited in to the classroom the last 10-15 min of class to observe your dancer’s progress.

Lost and Found: I try to collect lost items before I leave for the day. Items left in the hallway or classroom will be placed in the lost and found bin located at the end of the halls just past the restrooms.

Encore Photos: Please email me pictures from your dancer’s Encore Adventures.


Classroom Rules

  1. Wear Appropriate uniform to class unless a specified dress-up day

  2. Write name in all shoes, jackets, bags, etc.

  3. Visit restroom before class

  4. No food or drink in the dance room

  5. Respect the building and equipment

  6. HAVE FUN!

Contact Kim


Thanks for reaching out. I will try and respond within the following business day.

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